Game of Thrones


A Song of Ice and Fire is an unfinished fantasy series, written by George R. R. Martin. The series is often hailed as the next Lord of the Rings. Typically classed as high fantasy, the Westerosii world of Ice and Fire features knights and dragons, a winding plot, and of course the Game of Thrones power struggle spanning thousands of pages.


6 years ago, the novel series was adapted to a hit T.V. series by HBO, called Game of Thrones.  The show, while maintaining the integrity of the books in the earlier seasons, by the most recent season 6 has reached new territory that the books have yet to cover. Even before the entrance of new territory, the series was making changes from the books. The changes manifested in character portrayal, thematic emphasis, and plot divergence from A Song of Ice and Fire. While there is some controversy among fans that are devoted to the books, it is widely greeted with approval. Other controversy around the show include sexual assault, nudity, and violence. Yet the show is Emmy award winning and the consensus among most is that it is very well done.


The show has popularized the book and inspired much art work and apparel based off the series.


Even video games have been adapted from the series.


The book series would not have become as popular if not for the show, showing how valuable adaptations can be, even if one has a favorite version.

Want to learn more? links to photos/more info: 1 2 3 4 5


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